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Quality Matters
Quality first, Quality second and Quality always!

Everyone at Black & Co Leatherbelts is passionate about quality.

Top grain leather, (or full grain as referred to in the industry) is the skin of the animal. It will never split or crack as lesser quality "leathers" do.

Leather often displays the natural characteristics of the animal's hide. Any marks on a genuine leather article should not be considered as an imperfection but a history of the hide's development.

An easy comparison would be to look at your own skin and see where you may have fallen off your bike as a six year old and now have scar. It gives you character, just as a hide that is grown has character.

If you require a perfect finish, then buy man-made. Top grain leather articles are an investment that will give pleasure for many years.
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Traditional Service
When shopping at Black & Co, you will be offered traditional, reliable and personal service.
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Other Services
Black & Co also make a variety of other goods including guitar straps, dog collars, knife sheaths and children's belts and braces.

Various items can be re-coloured, have handles, zips, buckles and closures repaired or replaced.
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Spraying Leather
This spray booth is used to colour leather for some of our fashion belts and final finishing of other leather.

We also restore handbags to a condition that will surpise you, using this equipment.
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